Do you know who you are today? Would you have answered the same when you were in your teen years. Being a young person has always been hard. It’s especially true in today’s fast paced, technology driven, social media soaked world we live in. Being a teenager can be like swinging at a swarm of bees with a fly swatter. Even when you do your best, there is going to be a sting here and there.

More than 60% of the population of Malawi are youth. Malawi is a young nation, in no small part due to the ravages of HIV/Aids during the early part of this century that killed so many parents. Now those children are growing up. They are coming face to face with many of the same questions that young people all over this planet have always faced. Who am I? Why am I here? Am I loved? Do I have value? What is my purpose in life?

Dare to Discover is a program that Y-Malawi partner Nkhoma Youth runs several times each year. The program is interactive and helps bring questions like these out into the light, so that young people can deal with them. Using the concepts presented in the Bible, students are challenged to dare to discover what God says about them. They learn why He created them, how He loves them, and how their life matters. They learn that they can make a difference. They learn that they can have hope when the world they live in, sometimes seems like a dark night.

Greham is 17 years old. He had a difficult childhood and fell in with the wrong crowd. By age 15 he had dropped out of school. A friend had the courage to invite him to Dare to Discover and it changed Greham’s life. Now back in school, he is doing well. He will start High School next year and is planning to become a Mechanical Engineer.

In 10th grade, Martha’s story is similar to Greham’s. She was running down a bad road when she ran head on into Dare to Discover. Now back in school she is excelling. During last years examinations, she scored 5th out of her class of 100. She has a bright future ahead.

Martha is another example. Just a little more than 15 years old, she might be married today except that someone brought her to a Dare to Discover class. She wasn’t sure about what she heard during that first class, so she came back to a second, then a third. Now she has graduated the program. She not only graduated Dare to Discover, this past school year she passed her 8th grade examination with flying colors. She is one of the best students and has now been selected to go to high school.

God could not be more clear in His word. He loves all people. Age, race, country, economic status, talents, skills, opportunities and abilities, none of them matter because He loves all. All our lives can be changed once we dare to discover this truth and love.

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