Many have asked us about doing something special for those in need this Christmas. If that’s you, we want to make giving to someone in need easy! And there is more good news!  Selecting one of the gifts below not only provides a special Christmas for your sponsored, each gift is designed to benefit her community also. Read each description to learn more.

Once you have decided on a gift, click the “Give Your Gift Now” button. Before you finish use the message box to tell us what you want to give and who it is for.

Don’t have a sponsored woman or girl yet? You can still help someone in need this Christmas. Just select a gift and click “Give Your Gift Now.”  In the message box, let us know your gift is for whoever needs it most. We will send you a photo and description of who received your gifts once it has been delivered.

Remember, you will want to order soon. It sometimes takes 30 to 60 days for gifts to be delivered. May God bless you for blessing others this Christmas!  Isn’t that what Christmas is about anyway?  Isn’t that what Jesus did for us?

Each of the above items is hand made at the Y-Malawi Vocational Training Center. Students make these items as they are learning their trade. Purchase of any of these items helps to sustain the center which has become a key part of this community.

To have a Bible is an honor in Malawi. The ability to read God’s Word in your own language and share it with others is a cherished gift. Most homes in the village have dirt floors. They can be hard and cold. Blankets, especially for senior citizens, can make all the difference in the world.

Goats are like an ATM for the people of Malawi. They provide a source for cash. If you decide to give a goat, we will ask the one receiving to donate the goats first born. In this way we can then share another goat with another person in need. You will be blessing two for the price of one!

Going and staying in school is hard for girls in Malawi. Everyone wears a uniform. Those who don’t have them face teasing and ridicule . They can get discouraged. Schools don’t provide supplies, learning without pencils and workbooks makes things that much more difficult.

Both items above are made by students at the Vocational Training Center. Women traditionally wear dresses to church, not as fashion statement but to show their respect for God. Sandals are hand made by those that wear them, they mean less wear and tear on your feet while walking on the dirt paths.

These items are also made at the Vocational Training Center. Reusable Sanitary kits mean girls can go to school more than 3 weeks per month. They also keep girls free from disease and ridicule. The jewelry items are made with local materials in the traditional way by sponsored women providing them income.