It is the children of this world that are the future. If we invest in them, we invest in brighter tomorrow’s for all of us. It is for this reason that Y-Malawi partners with our friends at World Vision. Y-Malawi’s generous supporters sponsor literally thousands of children in Malawi. It is making a difference.

You may think that sponsoring a child provides food, health care and other necessities to only one child. It does much more. Through sponsorship the whole family and entire communities are helped. For just a few dollars each month sponsors are helping provide food, education and sustainable programs that make a difference now and long into the future.

  • Farming Gods Way, designed to increase crop yield.
  • Keeping Girls In School, promotes the value of education for girls.
  • Ending Child Marriages, education to change a culture.
  • Marriage Seminars, promoting strong family foundations.
  • Youth Programs, life and career counseling for youth.

y-malawi world vision

If they so desire sponsors can communicate with their sponsored child, develop a relationship, watch progress occur, even visit the child on a Ministry Trip. It is an experience that will change your view of the world while giving an opportunity to someone far away who deserves a chance just as much as you do.

Head to to get started, you will be glad you did!