This story and words of encouragement were recently sent to us by Louise (pictured below), leader of Fishers, Trainers, and Senders, one of our Y-Malawi partners on the ground in Malawi. We couldn’t help but pass it along so that it might encourage you today! Please read on…

There used to be a painting in the Louvre Art Museum called “Checkmate” painted by Friedrich Moritz August Retzsch (according to some information between 1898 and 1899).

There was a World Chess Champion, who had a hobby of visiting art galleries and museums. He visited the Louvre where the painting was displayed. He stood there and studied the painting.

This painting depicts 2 chess players busy with a chess game. One is Satan whom appears arrogantly confident and the other player is a man who looks hopeless and terrified. If Satan wins, he gets the man’s soul.

After some time of studying the painting, the chess player exclaimed: “It is wrong! It is not ‘Checkmate’. The King has one more move. The game is not over. We must find the person who painted the picture and tell him that he must change the picture or change the title!”

According to him, the devil who thought he was winning, was in fact not winning. The man, who thought he was losing, was actually winning, because according to the pieces left on the chessboard, his king had one more move left, which would make the man the winner of the game!

Daniel gets thrown into a lion’s den full of hungry lions. It looks like checkmate, but it is a lie, our King has another move left!

The woman caught in adultery is about to be killed by angry men with stones. It looks like checkmate, but it is a lie, our King has another move left! He tells her to go and not sin anymore.

The murderer next to Jesus on the cross thought it was the end, yet he still repented. It looks like checkmate, but it is a lie, because the King has a move left and says: Today you will be in Paradise with me.

On Good Friday the people were screaming: Crucify Him! They mocked and hit Him, spit and tortured Him and nailed Him to the cross. They said He could save others, but not Himself. It is over. Checkmate. Satan smiles as everybody leaves, thinking Jesus is dead. But Jesus still has a move left! Come Sunday, Jesus rose from the dead! Our King had another move left!

Our King still has one move left! Our lives and future are in His hands. You have been bought with His blood – a very expensive price, and received amazing grace.

1 Peter 2:24-25 …who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness—by whose stripes you were healed. For you were like sheep going astray, but have now returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls.

WHATEVER we may face, there is hope, for the King always has one more move. God is in control.

Christians should always have hope; hope in God’s forgiveness, God’s Word, God’s love and God’s promise of eternal life. If we lose hope, it is easy to become desperate. It is a vital reason to continue living. Let’s us strive to let this hope shine through our daily actions and attitudes, so the world can see the importance of it. God understands our hurts and we can have hope that He will help us carry them.

The next time life seems to say “checkmate,” don’t forget that the King always has another move.

Psalm 71:14
“ But as for me, I will always have hope;
 I will praise you more and more”