Teaching Simplified!

Teaching Simplified!

Can you imagine trying to learn English or study the Bible by nailing paper to trees? That is what some of the Bible Study/Literacy Groups in Nkhotakota were forced to do because they lacked resources.

Now that is all a thing of the past. Y-Malawi supplied the funds and commissioned students at the Vocational Training Center to build some new chalkboards. It was a win for everyone involved. Students got the chance to practice carpentry skills and complete a project. The Vocational Training Center earned some revenue to help sustain the center. The Bible Study/Literacy Groups gained a new tool to help them with learning. Its development from within.

Teacher Ireen Sitolo said, “Teaching and learning by using flip charts was challenging. It was hard to properly hang the flip chart on a tree. We were constantly requesting new flip charts and in need of pens. This new chalk board will simplify teaching and learning.”

It is another great example of the power of synergy. It demonstrates how working together we can benefit each other and accomplish more. That is why the Y-Malawi model has seen such success. In a world where independence is often sought after, working together in community can change everything.

Micro-finance loans and changed lives

Micro-finance loans and changed lives

Kondwani was a poor farmer, not able to feed his family from his meager crop of corn. A micro-finance loan, plus financial and vocational training changed all that.

Through Y-Malawi partners, Kondwani learned how to farm utilizing new methods, the small loan he received allowed him to fertilize his crops. Then Y-Malawi partners provided finance training and education on how to save and invest for the future.

The result? Kondwani was able to harvest twice as many crops. He paid off his loan and has now started a tomato business. His business is profitable and with new loans he has big dreams. He is expanding and growing new crops.

All this has given Kondwani opportunities, but most importantly hope. He has been able to build a new home made of bricks, his children are in school, and his family has a future.

Through Y-Malawi, God is not only opening hearts, He is changing lives.




A Future Through Economic Development

A Future Through Economic Development

Most of us have thought to ourselves at one time or another, “All I need is a chance!” Through Y-Malawi Opportunity International provides loans that make a life changing difference. History demonstrates that sustainable development must include economic development. These loans mean a chance to start a business, plant crops or retool and they are working. More than 95% of them have been paid back on-time! Even better because the loans are helping people succeed, every dollar invested becomes $6 over five years! Yet lasting economic development must include even more.

Eight women entrepreneurs who make up the Mtenbere Trust Group of Malawi call themselves, a “group with purpose.” The group is led by Zakaria Ntukula, shown on the left in the picture below.

OI Blog

Each Saturday members come together to experience partnership, friendship and entrepreneurship. They laugh together, cry together, pray, succeed and fail together. Zakuria says “When one member struggles, we unite around her. We listen, encourage and become part of the solution. When one of us achieves a milestone, we rejoice together.”

It’s the same with Y-Malawi. When our Malawian partners succeed so do we! Yes, we provide needed funding, but we also provide other resources. Most importantly we provide encouragement and prayers.

Together we can give a brother or sister that one chance they need to achieve their dreams and in turn they can then help others.

Saving Lives, Changing the Future

Saving Lives, Changing the Future

It’s a little thought about fact that every day in this world more than 800 women die in childbirth. More than 500 of those women die each day in Africa. As recently as 2008 more than 31 mothers died during childbirth in the Nkhoma area alone. But there is hope.

Thanks to the hard work of Nkhoma Hospital Medical Director Reynier Ter Haar and his dedicated staff this trend is changing. The Hospital is using enhanced protocols, increased feedback to referring health center staff and improved transportation. In addition, new service level agreements with the government have removed financial barriers.

Is it making a difference? In a big way. In 2015 there were only 3 mothers who died during childbirth!


It gets better. Through a relationship with Managed Care Executives for Africa, Y-Malawi is funding the education of four local doctors so that they can care for the needs of their own community. It is our local African partners who are at the heart of creating positive and sustainable change. They are making a difference in the lives and future of Malawian’s.

Y-Malawi is honored to play a role in this effort. If you want to help just click above to donate.  You too can make a difference in someone’s future!

Games That Share the Gospel

Games That Share the Gospel

Chiefs 2

In Malawi there is a culture of hereditary chiefs ruling in a tribal system. These important leaders can make an important difference in the lives of those they lead. As community gate keepers most decisions are made with the influence of the chief or village heads. Their leadership skills and beliefs have a daily impact on the lives of others.

Amos Chibasa is the gifted and passionate leader of the Chief’s Ministry. The focus of this ministry is to share with chiefs about Jesus Christ and to train them to be godly and wise leaders in their communities. This work is accomplished through conferences, workshops, door to door, prayer mobilization and one-on-one training such as “Farming Gods Way.”

At a recent event Amos shared with chiefs the importance of sports and games in replacing traditional heathen and harmful practices. Then on February 7th a big netball and soccer tournament was held. It began with prayer and Bible study followed by games, fun and fellowship. What a great way to share the gospel, help develop communities, and make a difference in the lives of others!

Chiefs Prayer Gathering

Bible study started the day

Chiefs Netball

A day of fun and fellowship

Want to get involved? Visit www.y-malawi.org to learn more. Or contribute financially by using the link below.



Youth Lives Changed

Youth Lives Changed

The ministry of Y-Malawi seeks to awaken, transform and serve. In large part this is accomplished through partners working on the front-lines in Malawi. One of those partners is the Nkhoma Youth Department. The story below recaps the difference made in the lives of two young people in Malawi. You can read the full story at http://malawi24.com/2016/02/16/farming-is-big-business-in-diamphwe/.

Chikupila lived in poverty. His was a life without hope. Alcohol, stealing, and trouble filled his time. Ironically, Chikupila also lived close to fertile land and water. Yet without the necessary farming skills he could not use the wonderful land God blessed him with to his advantage.

Those skills and some funding were provided to Chikupila, through a Nkhoma Youth Department Club in partnership with Y-Malawi and World Vision. Today Chikupila is a successful farmer. He grows cabbage, maize, beans and tomatoes. He says “Since I joined the club my life has changed for the better. I used to cause havoc in the area, which is not the case today. I did not mind what trouble to cause. But look, I now contribute positively to the family and development of the community.”

Josephine is a secondary school student. She attends the Diamphwe Youth Club where she has learned about business, leadership and health. With the knowledge she has been given Josephine has started her own business. She sells Mandasi after school. She has even recruited others in her family to sell Mandasi for her while she is at school.

Now Josephine helps support her family of four. She says “My parents could not fend for my needs. They struggled buying me school uniform, shoes and clothes, which I can now afford.”

Two lives touched in a positive way. Lives that are now making a difference in the lives of others.


Josephine, Chikupila and Mhango     Chikupila & Josephine in one of the fields