Meet Fwasani, she is 27 years old and married. She and her husband live with her Aunt, and a small child. They make a living by growing vegetables and selling them at a local market. Neither she or her husband had the money to finish school, they very work hard. Yet, Fwasani still finds time to volunteer at a local nursery school.

Not long ago Fwasani and 9 other women began a Bible Study and Savings and Loan Club. They call the club Kanthunkhama. Translated the word means, “If you don’t success, try again.” Each week the women come together to study the Bible. They also contribute to the Saving and Loan Club, most weeks less than $1 each. Fwasani serves as Treasurer. The club then approves, and manages loans to members and others.

Fwasani received a loan and bought fertilizer for her crops. After doing so the harvest was twice the harvest of prior years! With the earnings from her bumper crop, Fwasani has been able to save some money. She plans to buy some land and expand the farm to sell even more crops.

Now an empowered woman, Fwasani and her family have a brighter future. More importantly, as a part of the Bible Study Savings and Loan Club, she is making a difference in the lives of other women and families too!