Most of us have thought to ourselves at one time or another, “All I need is a chance!” Through Y-Malawi Opportunity International provides loans that make a life changing difference. History demonstrates that sustainable development must include economic development. These loans mean a chance to start a business, plant crops or retool and they are working. More than 95% of them have been paid back on-time! Even better because the loans are helping people succeed, every dollar invested becomes $6 over five years! Yet lasting economic development must include even more.

Eight women entrepreneurs who make up the Mtenbere Trust Group of Malawi call themselves, a “group with purpose.” The group is led by Zakaria Ntukula, shown on the left in the picture below.

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Each Saturday members come together to experience partnership, friendship and entrepreneurship. They laugh together, cry together, pray, succeed and fail together. Zakuria says “When one member struggles, we unite around her. We listen, encourage and become part of the solution. When one of us achieves a milestone, we rejoice together.”

It’s the same with Y-Malawi. When our Malawian partners succeed so do we! Yes, we provide needed funding, but we also provide other resources. Most importantly we provide encouragement and prayers.

Together we can give a brother or sister that one chance they need to achieve their dreams and in turn they can then help others.