God’s plans are always in our best interest, even in disaster. On Thursday April 11, Y-Malawi teams in Nkhotakota were going about their various normal ministries with churches, women, Chiefs, children, and youth. On Friday April 12 it began to rain. It rained, and rained, and rained. Soon rivers were overflowing their banks. The rain that people depend on to bring life to crops, was now collapsing homes and destroying.

Y-Malawi teams responded. They rescued at least 243 people, bringing them to shelter at a preschool and our new vocational building. The people were fed, and provided dry blankets. They received counseling, prayer, and had a decent place to sleep.

The rain finally ended on 15 April and people were able to return to what was left of their homes. Many homes have a lot of damage. Food and other items that were stored in the homes has been lost. Water sources are unsafe because they have been contaminated by the overflowing rivers.

While local authorities are praising the quick action, Y-Malawi teams continue to demonstrate the love of Jesus. Plans are in place during the upcoming Easter weekend to provide more food, chlorine tablets, and other basic necessities. It’s a very tangible way to demonstrate to a community that largely follows Islam, what it means to be a Christian. It’s a real life example of loving God and loving others.

If you want to help the people of Nkhotakota it’s easy, and any gift will be appreciated. Just click this link any one of the pictures below.

May God bless you!